Monday, August 30 2010

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Snuller Price Reaching 2050 - The Path for California Download
Bruce Riordan Success Stories from Local Governments Download
Breakout - Energy Independence
Daniel K. Moscaritolo Climate Change and Thermal Conversion Related Technologies Download
Jordan Feilders Hydrogen Energy California - A Low Carbon Power Project Download
Adam Browning California Solar Success Download
Industry and Green Job Development
Tom Soto Clean Tech & Green Jobs Download
Daniel Kreeger The Role of Human Capital in Responding to Climate Change Download
Lisa Hoyos California Apollo Program - Creating and Keeping Clean Energy Jobs in CA Download
Sandy Hagerty Advancing the Green Energy Economy Download
Panama Batholomy The Revolution will be Financed Download
Land Use
Calle Rose Ostrander Evolving Climate Action Planning Download
Judy Corbett Key Elements of a Walkable, SB 375-Compliant Community Download
Transportation Strategies and Fuels
Jeff Macartney California Fleet Solutions Download
Matt Horton Propel - The Last Mile Download
Paul Scott Heavy Duty Transport Fuel Options Download
Benjamin Deal Natural Gas: A Cheaper, Cleaner, and Domestic Fuel Solution Download
Sven Thesen Accelerating the Transition to Evs Download
EV Video Video
Addressing Climate Change Through Effective Land-Use Planning
Steve Hemenger Climate & Transportation: Change is Coming Download
Jerry Walters Land Use and Transportation Strategies to Address Climate Change Download
Autumn Bernstein View from the Front Lines Download
Doug Ito SB 375: A New Planning Approach Download

Tuesday, August 31 2010

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Julia Burrows Growing California's Clean Tech Center Download
Joel Makower How Good is Good Enough Download
Gillian Wright Plot the Course to a Sustainable Energy Future Download
Michael Pace Sustainability in your Hotel Download
Luncheon Speaker
Dr. Ben Santer A Tribute to Stephen H. Scheider Download
Dr. Chris Fields The Velocity of Climate Change: 2010 Download
Energy Independence
Timothy Burroughs Building Bridges to Clean Energy Download
Bill Shireman Climate “Plan B” Download
Randall Lack GHG Markets and Opportunities Download
John White Race Against Time: California Renewable Revival Download
Industry and Green Job Development
Barry Sedlik California Green Job Creation: Opportunities and Challenges Download
Meg Arnold SARTA: Building a Foundation for Green Tech Jobs Growth Download
Sharon Anderson AB 32: Transition to a Clean Energy Economy Download
David Ficke Education Strategies to Combat Climate Change Download
Land Use
Tony Held Crafting a Successful Climate Action Plan Download
Michael Hendrix Community-wide GHG Emissions Protocols Download
Michael Boswell Climate Action Plans and Emissions Inventories Download
Carl Anthony Reshaping America's Racial Landscape Download
Transportation Strategies and Fuels
Patricia Monahan Cleaner Vehicles in California Download
Karen Hamburg Driving the Clean Transportation Economy Download
Stuart Cohen Great Communities for Climate Protection Download
Mark Jacobson Climate Change's Impact on Local Air Quality and Public Health Download
Healy Hamilton Options for our Future Environment: Assessing Climate Change Impacts Download
Wade Crowfoot The State of Play in Adaptation Planning Download
Prof. Robert Bornstein Global Climate Chang: Winners & Losers Download

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